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Refers to when a Red player is caught stealing or robbing from a StarPort, resulting in a Bust or getting Busted; which puts that player on that StarPorts “Bust List” until either another Red player Busts at that StarPort or the Bust List has cleared. Bust Lists are cleared per the game settings, as determined by the SysOp or GameOps preferences. The Reds chances of getting caught are the same at any StarPort where they haven't been Busted, generally this works to a ratio of 1:50. The penalties for Busting while stealing result in the Red loosing 10-precent of their acquired Experience and 9-percent of the number of shipboard Holds used in the failed steal attempt. The penalties for Busting while robbing equate to a 10-percent loss of the Reds acquired Experience and a loss of shipboard Holds equal to 1-percent of the total Credits that the Red attempted to rob. NOTE – A Ships Holds will never go below one during this process.

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