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As turns per warp is in the equation, isn't it pretty obvious that the number of turns used moving between paired ports IS taken into account??

I think there is more to choosing a ship than it's TI

Definitely. TI is a very crude metric. Imagine two ships, one with 90 holds and 3tpw and one with 60 holds and 2tpw. They have identical TI, but the 3tpw ship uses more turns to move between pairs, and the 2tpw ship uses more turns to trade down the pairs. The optimal ship also depends on port density and whether you're running known trade routes or still exploring. I've heard this called TE (trading efficiency) but I don't think that's a commonly recognized name for it. A good discussion is here: [1]. Mongoose 18:16, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

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