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Most planets have an upgrade path that allows for a 'citadel' or base to be built that gives increasing protection to the planet.

A level 1 citadel has no defenses, but a player can enter the citadel and use the computer, scan the sector above the planet, remain in the citadel (without protection) while logging off. As a level 1 citadel has no defenses, it's planet is ideal for passing/trading material and/or cash to another corp. or player.

A level 2 citadel has military defenses. The fighters on the planet surface must be killed off for an invader to land on the planet surface. When an enemy tries to land, they will be attacked by a percentage of the fighters on the planet. This amount is set in the citadel and is called the military reaction percentage.

A level 3 citadel has actual sector defenses in addition to upgraded planetary defenses. When the citadel reaches level 3, the Q-cannon is finished, yet must be armed by the citadel owner. Until the owner sets the cannon reaction settings, they will be set to 0%. The cannon has two settings; atmospheric and sector percentages. The sector cannon will fire on sector entry unless surpressed by photon missle attack. The atmospheric cannon settings will fire upon an enemy trying to land.

A level 4 citadel

.....under construction

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