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Steal Dump Transport (SDT) is a potentially extremely lucrative cashing tactic for corps with at least two red players. It requires significantly more setup and cooperation than SSM or SST. The advantage of SDT is that it uses four turns per cycle, compared to six turns per cycle for SST. This makes SDT more lucrative than SST if planetary trade percentage is greater than 66%.

To prepare for SDT, planets equipped with planetary transporters and loaded with Equipment are parked under xxB ports. The planets need not be mobile, but they must have citadels and planet transporters. The Equipment is sold via planetary trade agreement, and then SDT begins. There are eight steps in a complete SDT cycle:

  1. Port and steal Equipment (1 turn)
  2. Land on the planet (0 turns)
  3. Offload the Equipment (0 turns)
  4. Use the planetary transporter to warp to the second sector (1 turn)
  5. Port and steal Equipment (1 turn)
  6. Land on the planet (0 turns)
  7. Offload the Equipment (0 turns)
  8. Use the planetary transporter to warp to the first sector (1 turn)

The product must be stolen back as quickly as possible because it disappears as ports regenerate. Ideally, two or more red traders and their blue furber will all be online at the same time. SDT requires a minimum of three planets and two red players, or two planets and three red players. With only two ports and two reds, a situation could arise where one red is busted at one port and the other red is busted at the other port. They would then have to wait for busts to clear, leaving the precious Equipment regenerating away on the ports.

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