Sell Steal Move

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SSM or Sell Steal Move is an evil or red cashing tactic. The requirement is an evil pair of ports; both buying equipment. The player starts by porting and selling any equipment he/she has on board at the first port. They then port again, this time attempting to steal a load of equipment. If they are successful, they then move to the sector next door and sell off the load of equipment at the second port and steal it back. This process can repeat until the player gets busted. The odds of busting are roughly 1 in 50, so playing red is very much like gambling with known odds...

Because the port is never buying at less than 99%, the player always gets a nearly perfect return on the sell. The steal costs only a turn, but the big killer for SSM is the movement cost of a big money making ship. Usually SSM is used in games with high turns, or unlimited turns, and even then it is an early game tactic. There are far fewer evil pairs than equip buyers in transport range, so SST or Steal Sell Transport is a better long term, but requires two or more ships...

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