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A TransWarp Drive is an accessory that allows a ship to warp to a non-adjacent sector. They are purchased in the Hardware Emporium at StarDock. Among the default ships, TransWarp is available only to the Imperial StarShip, Corporate FlagShip, and Havoc Gunstar.


[edit] Types

Type II drives allow a ship to TransWarp with another ship in tow; Type I drives do not. Purchasing a Type I drive and later upgrading it Type II costs slightly more than purchasing the Type II outright. TransWarping with a ship in tow consumes 6 holds of fuel ore per hop instead of the usual 3. As with towing by normal warp, the turn cost is your own ship's TPW plus twice the towed ship's TPW.

[edit] Operation

In normal use, a TransWarp Drive is used to jump to a sector containing at least one friendly fighter. The drive consumes Fuel Ore from the ship's holds at a rate of three ore per warp along the shortest route to the destination, ignoring avoids. A ship's maximum TransWarp range is limited by its number of holds.

If movement delays are enabled, the time required to TransWarp any distance is equal to the time required to warp to an adjacent sector.

[edit] Blind Jumping

It is possible to TransWarp without a lock on a friendly fighter or Federation beacon. This is called blind jumping. To complete the jump successfully, the destination sector must have zero density. If the destination sector has greater than zero density, your ship will be destroyed.

The usual procedure for blind jumping is to launch an Ether Probe toward (and ideally through and beyond) the destination sector, and then immediately TransWarp into a sector near the destination that was reported empty by the probe. This is not without risk. If the sector you jump into contains a Limpet Mine, which is invisible to the probe, or if a player or alien warps into the sector before you complete the jump, your ship will be destroyed.

Some helpers can attempt to prevent you from blind jumping by automatically responding "no" when the game asks you to confirm a blind jump. This protection can be defeated (intentionally or accidentally) by sending the command and confirmation as part of a macro. In SWATH, it is simpler to toggle the "light bulb" button, which controls the parser, when you intend to blind jump.

[edit] Flavor Text

Ah yes, the awesome Hyvarinen TransWarp Drive. Truly an incredible piece of equipment. We have them in stock, of course and they come with a full, money back guarantee. If they should ever blow you up, just bring back the unused portion for a full refund.

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