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Sell Steal Transport (SST) is the bread and butter cashing tactic for reds in turn-limited games. In its most basic form, it requires two ships within transporter range of each other and parked over ports buying Equipment. Both ships begin with full holds. A full cycle has six steps:

  1. Port and sell Equipment
  2. Port and steal Equipment
  3. Transport to second ship
  4. Port and sell Equipment
  5. Port and steal Equipment
  6. Transport to first ship

SST requires six turns per cycle, compared to four for SDT. It is therefore less profitable than SDT unless the planet trade percentage is 66% or lower. However, SST is also much simpler to set up and run, which may make SST preferable even if the planet trade percentage is higher than 66%. Unlike SDT, it is possible for a solo player to effectively run SST.

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