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Welcome to the TradeWars documentation wiki!

Playing the Game

Running a Trade Wars Game Server

Notes for Contributors

Due to problems with spammers, you must request an account before you can edit the wiki. Contact one of the admins listed on the users page. (Please do not contact Jpritch unless all else fails.)

When you're ready to start editing, use the search field on the left to find pages related to the topic you're interested in writing about. If there is no page with a matching title, the wiki will offer to create one. Try to avoid creating duplicate pages for the same subject. If you're not sure whether a topic deserves its own page, ask on the talk page of a related subject.

When creating new pages, please be careful to use the correct spelling and capitalization as it appears in the game (e.g., "BattleShip", not "battleship".) The names of pages should generally be nouns. The Wikipedia Manual of Style provides some good guidelines for naming new articles.

If you just want to contribute to existing pages, you can check out the recent changes or go to a random page. Check out the WikiMedia WikiMedia Help:Editing page for tips on style and markup.

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