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Helpers are programs designed to assist players by gathering and displaying information or automating repetitive tasks. The earliest helpers were macros or scripts for terminal programs like Telix. The first stand-alone helper was released in 1992 and was simply called Trade Wars Helper. For a list of pages about specific helpers, see Category:Helpers.

[edit] Controversy

Since their inception, helpers have been the subject of controversy. Some players swear by them, while others consider their use tantamount to cheating. Over the years, it has become generally accepted that helpers are necessary to manage the vast amount of data generated by the game. However, the use of certain kinds of scripts is still controversial. For example, some players run sophisticated bots that can perform tasks requested by teammates and react to or even initiate combat with other players. Many players are opposed to the use of such scripts, and some sysops post rules forbidding their use. However, these rules are difficult to enforce.

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