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The game allows traders to go evil, having an alignment less than 0 based on various behaviors. Alignment is a different page but for our purposes we shall discuss the ability to rob when a trader's alignment dips below -100.

When porting with an alignment of less than -100 a trader will be asked:

<A> Attack this Port

<R> Rob this Port

<T> Trade at this Port

<Q> Quit, nevermind

Enter your choice [T] ?

And if he dares to hit r to Rob he'll see this:

Docking One turn deducted, 291 turns left. [Pause]

--Then he'll see this:

After docking with the port, you glance furtively about trying to estimate this chance to make some "quick" profit. The port staff are off helping a few other Traders right now. Will you go for it? (R)ob this port, (S)teal product or (Q)uit (?=Help)

So getting away with it means you get a load of stuff for nothing more than a turn used. The only hard fast rule to thievery is you can't rob from the same port twice in a row...they'll see you. Then you Bust.

Several methods of Making Money as an evil, or red, player. Most involve selling any product in the ships holds, then stealing this back, then going to another port and doing the same. The process continues until you Bust. Evil cashing will always out perform conventional trading. This is the trade off for not getting the cool ships (ISS) or being able to warp directly to FedSpace.

See Red Cashing Tactics

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