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Hi, if you are reading are interested in my references. I have used crosby as a handle since my computer science major days (brief that they were.) John, Paul, George and Ringo were taken. I've been playing TW2002 since the old Door version, coerced by another geek friend to join the corp he was on. This is dialup to local BBS, single line, and play my hour of time. I usually spent an hour before logging on, planning my moves, and an hour after playing in 'post-game debrief' ....yeah, that geeky.

A milestone for me was telnet, and the discovery of games around the world. By this time tradewars was multiplayer and I was using several 'helper' programs..TW Helper, for active game play, and TWAssist for offline planning. TWHelper was a dialup helper, so I used ProComm and Comm/IP to make a 'virtual modem' to dial onto...then telnet to the server. Electriq had directions on his website, it was beyond me.

I made a little webpage, describing red cashing, which I was just beginning to understand. I had a review of three or four servers on which I played. Life reared it's ugly head and I stopped playing for a few years. When I got back into tradewars (~1997) TWHelper was out, and SWATH was in. I played by logging directly with SWATH for at least a year.

- got more, but it'll take some time, which is short in supply now...

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