Tholian Sentinel

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Holds: 50
TPW: 4
Fighters: 2,500
Shields: 4,000

The Tholian Sentinel is not actually a very useful ship. Even if an attacker does not have enough fighters to destroy the Sentinel, they can still rob its occupant of their turns with a Photon Missile. No planet incapable of defending itself is worth protecting in this manner.

[edit] Flavor Text

Young corporations in need of planetary defense should consider the Sentinel. With its new planetary combat guidance system, this ship's normal combat odds of 1:1 shoot up to 4:1 when defending a corporate planet. When an enemy ship enters a sector containing a Sentinel set in defense of a corporate planet, the hostile vessel must first destroy the Sentinel and all of its fighters before it may land and attempt any action toward the planet. Remember: The Sentinel was designed primarily for Planetary defense, if used for offensive purposes its combat odds are 1:1.

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