Scout Marauder

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Holds: 25
TPW: 2
Fighters: 250
Shields: 100

The Scout Marauder is the default ship you restart with after being SD. Although it is no match for some of the larger warships, it is sometimes used to clear enemy fighters because of its high combat odds and low TPW. Some players also use it to attack other traders in the early days of a new game.

[edit] Flavor Text

The Scout Marauder is currently the fastest, conventional drive ship known to mankind. This small speedster can easily outdistance even the powerful Corellian Battleships. It is not equipped for controlling many fighters or shields, but it fights at 2 to 1 odds due to its quickness and small size. This craft cannot carry mines or Genesis Torpedoes. It may be small, but this ship's speed and range make up for much.

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