Missile Frigate

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Holds: 60
TPW: 3
Fighters: 5,000
Shields: 400

The sole purpose of the Missile Frigate is to fire a Photon Missile before transporting to a more powerful ship to perform an attack. Contrary to the Missile Frigate's flavor text, photon missiles have no effect on ports and do not directly harm planets.

[edit] Flavor Text

Missile Frigates are really nothing more than a retro-fitted Merchant Cruiser. They maintain the same speed and range of the Merchant but can carry twice the firepower. Commanding a Frigate means that you cannot take advantage of much of the additional starship equipment available, but their combat advantages make up for that. The Missile Frigate is the only ship outfitted to carry the awesome Photon Missile. These weapons of destructions can turn StarPorts into space junk in short order. The Photon Missile was also used effectively in the Trantorian conflict to totally destroy the enemy's home planet.

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