Interdictor Cruiser

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Holds: 40
TPW: 15
Fighters: 100,000
Shields: 4,000

The Interdictor Cruiser (IC) carries more fighters than any other ship in the game. Because it can absorb a larger quasar hit than any other ship, ICs are sometimes used to soften up planetary defenses before completing the invasion with another ship. They also have the highest TPW of any ship, so they are normally moved to their targets using a ship equipped with a Type 2 TransWarp Drive.

Players can estimate how well they are doing compared to their opponents by determining what percentage of the fighters in the universe belong to them. Because of a long-standing bug that has been promoted to a feature, fighters on unmanned ships are not counted in the display of the total number of fighters in the game. Some players try to hide their strength by storing fighters on unmanned ships, often using ICs because of their fighter capacity.

[edit] Flavor Text

A recently designed vessel, the Interdictor Cruiser is fast becoming the great Equalizer of the Universe. It is as powerful as it is large and packs a tremendous punch in modern combat. Unfortunately it cannot use a TransWarp drive due to its size and its speed is not a great asset. The major attraction of this vessel is the Interdictor Generator that creates such a large gravity well that no other ship in its sector can warp out! When an Interdictor Cruiser arrives on the scene you had better give up all thoughts of running away. In addition this ship is not an atmospheric craft and cannot land on any planets.

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