Imperial StarShip

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Holds: 150
TPW: 4
Fighters: 50,000
Shields: 2,000

The Imperial StarShip (ISS) is the most powerful ship in the game, and the ability to fly it is one of the few advantages of playing blue.

[edit] Commissioning

Purchasing or transporting into an ISS requires a Federal Commission. Any player who has 1,000 or higher alignment is automatically considered Commissioned. Players who have 500 or higher alignment may enter the police station at StarDock and have their alignment boosted to 1,000 for free.

Commissioned players gain the ability to transwarp directly into FedSpace. They lose this ability any time they fall below 1,000 alignment.

If a player falls below zero alignment while piloting an ISS, they are hailed by Captain Zyrain and threatened with "repossession" of their ship. If they do not quickly transport to another ship, Zyrain will warp into their sector and instantly destroy the ISS.

[edit] Evil ISS

In some earlier versions of the game, it was possible for a player to keep an ISS after turning evil. Feds would not enter a sector containing player-owned fighters, so reds were able to keep the ISS by never venturing into uncontrolled space. In more recent versions, however, Captain Zyrain is able to destroy the ISS regardless of any sector defenses that may be present.

[edit] Flavor Text

The commercial version of a Federation StarShip is not available to just anyone. This craft is only available to those who are commissioned by the Federation to aid in their cause. StarShips are the most closely guarded technology in existence. They can carry massive assault power and through the use of the TransWarp drive, they can deliver this power almost anywhere. The Imperial StarShip is truly the most powerful ship that a private individual can command. More information about qualifying for a Federal commission is available at a Police station near you.

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