Havoc Gunstar

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Holds: 50
TPW: 3
Fighters: 10,000
Shields: 3,000

The Havoc Gunstar is a fairly inexpensive, yet formidable combat ship. It is one of the three ships capable of equipping a TransWarp Drive. These features make it the most popular flagship for red players who cannot fly the Corporate FlagShip.

[edit] Flavor Text

The Havoc Gunstar is a recently developed ship that owes its existence to new developments in micro-miniaturization. This mid- sized ship is the only one of its size to be able to house a TransWarp drive. Though it doesn't carry a large amount of holds to fuel the TransWarp, it still has a decent T-Warp range and can arrive at its destination packing a moderate fighting force in the bargain. Watch for this ship to become the favorite of the Mercenary legions in the Universe.

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