Corporate FlagShip

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Holds: 85
TPW: 3
Fighters: 20,000
Shields: 1,500

The Corporate FlagShip (CF or CFS) is a red player's first choice for combat, transporting other ships, visiting FedSpace, and cloaking out at night. It carries significant firepower, and it's one of the few ships able to equip a TransWarp Drive. Solo reds will want to form a corporation by themselves just so they can purchase one. But reds in mixed red-blue corps may prefer the Havoc Gunstar even if they are the CEO. The disadvantage the CFS is that furbers will not be able to transport into the ship, forcing the red to make dangerous visits to StarDock to restock cloaks and probes.

[edit] Flavor Text

Few words can actually describe the sheer awe associated with a Corporate Flagship. Only available to Corp CEOs, this huge craft is the ultimate in power and capability. Not only can it carry up to 20,000 fighters at one time, this ship carries a powerful combination of options that will make any foe turn tail and run. The most impressive capability of the Flagship is the TransWarp Drive. This device enables the ship to TransWarp to any other sector in the Universe provided one of your fighters is already there emitting a locator beam. Without this, a ship can disappear into TransWarp and never be seen again.

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