Colonial Transport

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Holds: 250
TPW: 6
Fighters: 200
Shields: 500

The Colonial Transport is the ultimate cargo mover. It can carry more holds than any other ship, making it the first choice for Resource Moving, Buy-Dumping, Planet Trading, and evil cashing. It also has the best Trading Index, but its high TPW, lack of a TransWarp Drive, and vulnerability to attack make it unsuitable for conventional Paired Port Trading.

[edit] Flavor Text

The Colonial Transport is a massive structure that can only barely be called a ship. This huge craft is ideal for moving large amounts of products or colonists from place to place. Though it has a standard drive, this ship is rather slow due to the mass involved. Also, the combat computers are rather limited on this craft due to the excessive needs of the navigation computers. The Transport is not outfitted for carrying or deploying mines. Conflict brings the Transport's major weakness to light. Due to the size of the craft, it is very hard to defend against fighters.

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