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Alignment is the morals ranking of a trader. It influences many aspects of the game, including whether a player can purchase or operate an Imperial StarShip, safely enter the Police Station or the Underground, or attempt to steal products or credits from ports. The rank or title associated with a trader's experience changes depending on whether the trader's alignment is positive or negative. Because positive or "good" ranks are displayed in blue and negative or "evil" ranks are displayed in red, the terms "blue" and "red" have become synonymous with good or evil alignment and their associated features and tactics.


[edit] Changing Alignment

[edit] Increasing

Kill aliens 
New games often contain aliens with significant negative alignment piloting vulnerable ships and carrying few fighters. Killing them is among the most cost-effective ways of gaining alignment, and capturing their ships can be a nice bonus.
Post rewards 
If your alignment is not negative, you can enter the FedPolice station at StarDock and post a reward on any red player. This gives you 1 alignment for every nnn credits posted. This method is especially useful if you happen to find a red player who is offline, because you can easily surround them, kill them, and recover your credits.
Create planets 
Creating a planet gives you 10 alignment and 25 experience.
Upgrade ports 
Upgrading ports gives you ...
Attack sector fighters 

[edit] Decreasing

Jettison colonists 
If your alignment is 1 or higher, dumping colonists into space gives you -1 alignment per colonist. This only works once per day.
Destroy ports 
Destroying a port gives you -50 alignment and 50 experience.
Kill colonists 
Attacking colonists on a planet gives you ...
Kill fighters 
Post bounties 
Attack sector fighters 

[edit] Resetting

If a blue self-destructs, their alignment will be set to -10 and their experience will become 0. If a red self-destructs, their experience will be 0 and their negative alignment will be halved.

Get murdered 
If a player is killed in the Underground for giving the wrong password too many times, their experience and alignment will be reset to 0. This is mostly useful to reds, because blues with nnn or higher alignment cannot enter the Underground.

[edit] Formulas

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